Sweet Potato Mish-Mash

Well, you get another one. A bullet list...

  • Lauren came home last weekend. For those who don't know, she's attending OU about 65 miles south of here. Because Lauren didn't have a car until right before school started, Lynette was still playing taxi cab to both girls. On Saturday evening Lauren went to pick Heather up from work and when they came in, they were carrying ice cream sundaes from Shakes. Well, they were actually frozen custard sundaes, but why quibble? Tastes like ice cream to me. How great is that? How many kids would think to buy sundaes for the old farts at home?
  • The foam is all worn off of my earbuds, which makes me wonder, where did all that black stuff disintegrate too? It's not in my ears; I hope it didn't get sucked into my brain.
  • It's downright cold today, but not cold enough to switch on the heat. Instead, I have warm socks on and a cozy sweater. I love autumn. And it's raining. Could I be any happier?
  • Speaking of autumn, the back fence and a corner of the back yard is a riot of color with the Morning Glories I planted last year. The neighbor across the street even commented on them to Heather. I've never known them to last this longthe Morning Glories, not the neighbors.
  • I'm waiting on a phone call from a client; he has three new sites for me, steady work that will easily take me into the new year.
  • I'm going to be making a sweet potato mash this week. I've never had it, but we all like yams, so I'm hoping they'll be good. Have you ever had them?