I Feel Like I'm in an Arlo Guthrie Song

What a day. It started just after seven when I was wakened by Nettl saying, "Liebchen, we have to leave in 10 minutes." I was prepared for this, however. Since the van quit running we've been down to one car again. Today I had a breakfast meeting with a client, so I had to take Nettl to work (on the extreme east end of town) so that I could have the car. Simple enough, so I took her, then met my client at Perkins (in the center of town) and enjoyed an Eggs Benedict and a full carafe of coffee. I then came home (on the extreme north end)...

What complicated matters was that I needed to get new tags for the car because tomorrow is the absolute last day that I could put it off. No big deal, I thought, but when I looked for our proof of registration, I couldn't find anything more recent than July of 2007. I called Nettl at work and asked her about it. Seems she thought I was making the insurance payment and I thought she was. Gack! I called our insurance company and got everything squared away, and at a lower rate than what we were previously paying. Great!

Now, the TAG office (DMV) is on the extreme west end of town, so I first had to drive to Nettl's office (east end) to pick up the proof of insurance that I requested be faxed there. At the same time, Nettl gave me a deposit to make at the bank (center). When I was on my way once again, I stopped at Napa Auto (east end) to pick up a turn indicator bulb because some hit-and-run schmuck broke ours, then I went to the bank and made the deposit.

When I got to the TAG office (west end) I took a number and waited to be called to the appropriate window. That was okay and the lady was cheerful, but as I stood there, I took out my license to see that it had expired last September! Hell! I thought it expired next September! You see, in California they send you a letter telling you that you're due to renew your license. Here, they don't say nuthin' 'bout 'nuthin.

With the new 2009 sticker proudly affixed to my license plate, I went home (north end) to get my passport and then drove to the northwest end of town to the other DMV office (why they divide things up between the two I still don't understand). There, I stood in line and waited to take care of the business. Then it was back to the TAG office (east end), where I again took a number and waited. Finally it was all taken care of. I was legal once again and I came home (north end) feeling like a responsible citizen.

At four I have to pick up Nettl (east end), then she's dropping me off at the book store (center) while she rehearses the Pergolesi Stabat Mater at the university (center). Then we'll come home (north end), I'll make dinner and then I'm settling back with a couple of beers. Damn. That means I'll have to drive to the liquor store (center).