I Can Brag if I Want To

Look at what guitarist George Lynch had to say about my son's talent:
"I've always loved listening to Micah's compositions because they're always so musically interesting. He has lots of content and his soloing is never overkill. Micah is such a good example to follow as he always plays appropriately to whatever song environment he is in. This particular sampling has him playing against an upbeat yet moody background and he establishes a theme before stepping out of bounds along the way. Much of it doesn't sound contrived and upon listening to it, you can tell it's all "in the moment" and not planned. Also, the actual composition is very well written and arranged. Though this is just a sample demo, this can develop into an actual palatable song for anyone to enjoy. Good job Micah! Now finish the damn song!"
Hear Micah's work:


  1. Thank you! This has almost been too much to digest :O

  2. Brag away, Daddy! You have a right to be proud!

  3. If you can't brag what the hell is so great about having kids??


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