WTF, Wugdump?
Sometimes you just have to scratch your head and say, “What the f**k?” That’s the premise behind this category of the Incurable Insomniac weblog...

I first introduced this idea in 2006 by writing that somewhere back in pre-history one of my ancestors must have been sitting by the fire, guarding his clan’s cave while everyone else slept. And as he sat there poking the embers, he must have looked up at the stars and asked, “WTF?” Other things crossed his mind as well. Things like, “What was that sound escaping my ass?”, or “How did that little person get in my woman’s belly anyway?”

Perhaps he heard the sound of drums, whooping and laughter floating on the night breeze from the valley below and he realized another tribe was having a grand old time while there he sat, alone with his stick in his hand, compelled by an inner instinct to be responsible in the face of nearly overwhelming temptation.


If random thoughts sometimes keep you awake, feel free to grab my WTF image and put it on your site. Just be sure to insert it in any “WTF?” entry that you post and link it back to this page so that other perplexed souls can connect with the greater community of ember-pokers.

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