It's Ville's Birthday!

  • Wow, are you getting old! I was probably smoking pot on the very day you were born. That’s how old you are! Think about that.
  • I remember when we first met and I came to your 20th birthday party. In fact, I remember it like it was only a couple of years ago. Actually, I’m kidding about you getting old, because no matter how old you get I’ll always be 16 years older than you. And I have a birthday coming up in September.
  • All kidding aside, I love you, Ville. It’s funny how we relate to each other as if you’re my older sister and I’m your little weird. We have a real history behind us. Unfortunately, we’ve kept journals so our antecedents will find out exactly what that history is! At least we won’t be here to live that downor up.
  • I know we’re celebrating your birthday on Saturday, but I just wanted to let Blogsville know how much I love you and how happy I am that we met. The gift you gave me? You taught me that it’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

And now, for my readers, a classic Ville quote (in other words, you would have had to be there to understand it):

“How would you like to be walking around
with your teeth taped to your ankle?”