My mother died two weeks ago,
She had no time to let us know;
She left while watching Lawrence Welk,
I wonder how the hell that felt.
Dishwasher broke, Christmas lights went out,
Bath tub spewed the room about;
Cable failed and flusher broke,
Must now drink Sam’s, cannot buy Coke...

The bank has frozen our accounts,
At least there were no checks to bounce.
It has to do with Mom’s S.S.
Why did she leave us in this mess?
Rich relations all around,
Yet no “in lieu of flowers” can be found;
Just Gideon Bibles in her name,
What a freakin’ claim to fame!

Sympathies mailed with Christmas cards,
Bible verses by the yards,
The roller coaster up and down,
Has left my large intestines bound.
I spent an hour in the loo,
No book to read, nothing to do
Except to ponder on the stress
That only gave me I.B.S.

Is there a Grinch? I fear it’s so,
‘Cuz where else did my spirit go?
I’ll be as upbeat as I can:
In the fridge are three Heinekens.

Copyright © SK Waller, 2004


  1. Heineken–that’s a good start. Yum.

    I wish I had just the right words that would make it all better, but I don’t. I hope blogging helps.

  2. Wow! I feel like a total selfish looser now. I’m sorry you did not receive any flowers. I didn’t even think about sending them until the memorial service. Please know that I and my family are very sorry for your loss and that you are certainly not alone in your grief. I myself am having memories of my mother this season that make it especially hard at times. I heard someone say that grief is a wonderful thing because it makes us realize that love is more powerful than death. At first I wanted to soc him in the stomach and then I took a moment to think about it. I realized that he was right. Even in death, I will always love my mom. I am thinking of you during this season of Christmas dear Steph.

  3. Oh, don’t feel badly, Karla. Receiving flowers when someone dies is highly over-rated. It wasn’t friends with whom I was angry, but my own blood kin.

    Thank you so much for your tender thoughts. I know that you and Nettl completely understand how hard it is to lose a mother.


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