'Pon Waking

happens when you sleep at night, and I rely on my friends in Blogsville to tell me what that was as I make my morning rounds. Here's today's bits of news:

Blog Queen informs me that Paul Newman died last night. He was born the same year as my mom, but I just never thought of him as being that old. He was always young, you know?
RW won an award and I didn't. Sure, he said that anyone can have the award if they want it, but it's not as satisfying that way. I want to know that someone loves my blog, damn it. But seriously, congrats, RW!
B.E. Earl will be making a "big pot of red" for his entire family this weekend. Wish I was there. I'll bet there will be a "big bunch of beer" as well.
David is pondering Beavers and Buttheads.
Also in from Blog Queen: Results from last night's debate: Obama 51% / McCain 38%.

And now, I must have coffee.


  1. Oh yes...many, many beers.

    And I love yer blog, so there! :)

  2. I most certainly love your blog.
    Because English is my second language (monosyllabic grunts being first)
    Allow me to re-phrase that.
    I love your blog
    I love your blog
    I love your blog
    And to put a finer point on this discussion,
    Your blog is greatly lovethed by me.

    Now go over to my place and get your award!



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