The Past That Wasn't

Not that that has anything to do with anything...

The brain is a a puzzling, fascinating thing. Basically, it's a filing system, or so they tell us. I woke up just before eight this morning having not gotten to bed until 4:30, went downstairs and made the coffee and then came back upstairs. I chased the cat out of the chair, then sat down and opened my laptop. I left a mini-blog and then realized that there was no way I was going to be able to stay awake. So I did something I never do. I went back to bed...

I had a rather neutral dream in which I found boxes of photographs taken throughout my life. Photos that were never actually taken in real life. What was striking was that I recognized them. I recognized me through the years, as well as places and people I've known. And in the dream I had this feeling of relief that the photos hadn't gotten lost.

Is this a modern version of having my life pass before my eyes? Or maybe not my life passing before my eyes, since the pictures were figments of my dreaming sub-conscious. Or maybe I was seeing pictures of another me in another universe. Quantum physics and all that.

It woke me up and I saw that it was noon. I could have—WOULD have—stayed in bed all day, but lying in bed for longer than four or five hours gives me a backache. Stress is really exhausting and I'm one of those people who gets struck after-the-fact.

I predict this weekend will be spent in pajamas.


  1. I looked up photos in my trusty dream encyclopedia and they symbolize your view of yourself or your self image. Maybe your subconscious was telling you that regardless of the stress, you are still intact. Just a guess.

    Hope the jammie weekend is balm to your spirit!

  2. Oh, I like that analysis. Thanks -- it makes perfect sense!

  3. for the past 6 months or so ive have the same problem with my back, and its driving me crazy...

    more than 5 or so hours in bed and i feel like im sleeping on the point of a pyramid..

  4. It sucks, Slyde. And we have a really great bed, too. We're getting old, man. ;)

  5. Wow you go from lounging in the hammock on the back porch to the first weekend in Fall and you are in pajamas all weekend! You have these seasons set don't ya? I am going to go out and help the folks all weekend! Made a batch of Bread and Butter pickles last night and need to make 2 more, have enough jars and lids for one batch... I will probably make tonight's Bread and Butter, Spicy Bread and Butter.


  6. Oh, man, your wife is one lucky woman! I'm slavering here!

  7. No better ways to spend the weekend.
    (as insomniac, I often do that too, alas)


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