An Oops! Day

Yesterday was one of those days. I caused damage to myself at least four times. First, I tripped going down the stairs, carrying some dishes to the kitchen. Fortunately, I didn't actually fall, but it still scared me. Next, I pinched my left hand ring fingertip in the closet door, causing a huge bruise that still hurts. Later, while Joel was letting me out in front of the store (it was pouring rain and I didn't want to walk from the parking lot), my foot slipped in my Croc and I slammed the car door into my leg, breaking the skin and creating a huge bump and bruise, a "goose egg" as people say. Then, in the store, I scraped a knuckle in the shopping cart, making it bleed.

Why do we have days like that? I like to say that I'm not entirely "in my body". I know I can be absent-minded and I sometimes run into walls, literally, but yesterday was ridiculous and I have all the bumps and bruises to prove it!

Here's to a better day today.