La Boheme @ Ville's

No, not the Puccini opera. Notice there's no "è" in there. Years ago, our circle of friends acquired the name La Boheme because we were a bunch of musicians, writers, painters, and dreamers. I say acquired because there are two differing stories of how we got the name. Some say one of us came up with it whilst others say it was bestowed upon us. However it happened, we met in the mid-1980s and are still together. Some of us, anyway. Many have come in and out of the group, and some have passed, but a certain core group always remains. Namely, Ville and myself...

It was while I was in college in my mid-thirties that I took up with this collection of human oddities, all 10-15 years my junior. Now the group includes our kids, some who are older than I was when we first got together. WTF's up with that? In fact, if you want to look at it realistically, my son, Micah, is the age I was when it all began, and our eldest daughter, Lauren, is the age Ville was. That brings things into focus.

Anyway, some of the Stillwater Fellowship of La Boheme got together at Ville's house last night and man, did I need it. We never really do anything, we talk, we laugh, we make rude jokes, and we drink, although we don't can't drink like we did in the old days. Here are some pictures. Not too exciting, but I like sharing them anyway. Our younger daughter, Heather, was there too, but she spent most of the evening outside with the cats and skunks. We missed you, Micah, Jacey and Lashell!

Our resident Ph.D., Dr. Kielbasa,
showing off a pork rind.
Nettl and I in the Ass Eating Chair.
Joel - hanging with La Boheme
since he was 14.
Our exhausted Lauren The blue shirt
is all we got of Ville in these pictures.