здравствулте Gustave!

(That's hello in Russian.)

Looks like Gustav is heading for us, although I doubt it will bring any more than some wind and rain. Just another day in Oklahoma. It strikes me odd that in the eight years that I've lived here, I've been through three hurricanes and no tornadoes. I never thought about this being a hurricane state. 25 mph winds? Hell, we get upwards of 65 on a typical spring day 'round these parts!

I remember one night in 2000, not long after moving here, I was up late on my computer when all of a sudden some huge winds came up, sending the chairs on our front porch flying down the street. I ran out to bring the chairs back and put them in the garage, then I turned on the TV to learn that we were being hit by a hurricane. It went on for most of the night and Lynette and Joel slept through the whole thing.