My Daily Landscape

If you live in Stillwater, which you probably don't, you get used to seeing Joe cups. They're everywhere. Whenever you go to Eskimo Joe's, or one of Stan Clark's other local restaurants, you invariably come home with one of these.

That's one of the cool things about living here. Free refills on your soft drinks. Before you leave one of these eateries you're always asked if you want a refill for the road. Consequently, I think one would be hard pressed to find a kitchen cupboard in this town that doesn't have at least one Joe cup in it...

Being a college town, the University students find them perfect party lights. Drive through the student housing that surrounds the campus and you'll find strings of these cups hanging from front porches (they turn them upside-down and poke a hole in the bottom for the light bulb). It's really pretty cool. The cups come in every color you can think of --including pastels-- and there are some that turn color once they're filled with ice. We have nearly an entire top shelf of Joe cups and they're the only thing I drink my soft drinks from here at home.

Bad Brad's has gotten in on the act with their own cups. They're exactly the same except for the logo and the fact that theirs only come in white. We have three or four of those.

P.S. That's not our kitchen, so don't sweat the wallpaper.
P.S.S. I'm back on my laptop!