And They Wonder Why People Go Postal

I really don't know how it can get any noisier around here. Remember two weeks ago when I told you about the AC monster they installed across the way? Well, it hasn't turned off once, even when the temp at night has gone down to 65°. On and on it roars, right outside the section of our house where all the windows are located, namely, the bedrooms and the veranda. Forget my carefree hammock-blogging afternoons amid the plants and flowers and birds. It's too damned noisy out there...

Our electric bill is going to be higher because we can't open the windows when it's too cool for the AC. And quiet nights are a thing of the past. I have to wear earplugs every damned night of my life now, and my ears are sore.

As if that isn't enough, this morning I was wakened by what sounded like an SST awaiting take-off clearance in our lane. Even with my earplugs in. I got out of bed and looked outside to see a truck parked out there. It's a mobile industrial document shredding company destroying what little peace is left in this neighborhood. Who knows how long it will be out there today; our landlord is one of the three or four companies in this town loving known as The Stillwater Mafia, and our house is located behind his office. When I looked, they were carting out expanding folders full of documents. Kind reminds me of the Nixon administration. Or did'ja get word that the IRS is going to be auditing you, sir?

We were going to buy this house, but not now. It's like living in an industrial park, thanks to the noise. Oh, and the noise prevention they provided? A 6' tall grapestake fence. Yeah, like that helps.

I guess I should look at it this way: when the shredders are finished, I'll be grateful for the relative quiet of the damned AC monster.