Artificial Intelligence Usually Beats Natural Stupidity

Well, there's good news and then there's bad news. And then there's really good news.

Although Wednesday's laptop crash wiped out my entire C drive, everything—Windows and and the programs I use—have been reinstalled and the machine is working better than ever. I mean better than ever. My wireless connection is always excellent; no more of that tiresome fluctuating between low and good, and everything loads and runs faster. I won't list everything because you all know the routine from your own experiences. Unfortunately, I lost a lot. The worst is that I lost all of my Outlook Express email, so I'm just not going to use it anymore. I created a Gmail account for my business correspondence and any mail that Alla Breve gets on my domain is forwarded to the new one. I also lost all of the business invoicing and other important docs for the past four or five months, as well as all my graphics, codes, scripts and templates.

But the really good news is that at some point I'd backed up all my files onto both the desktop and to disk. I don't remember doing that, but I'm glad I did. So considering that I'd just transferred my screenplay to a private blog (there IS a God!), I made out alright.

My birthday is on Wednesday, and instead of asking for something frivolous, I've asked for a thumb drive. Crash me once, meh, it happens. Crash me twice, I'm a dumbass.