Aw, Man!

I can't believe I missed my 1000th post. I kept telling myself that it was coming up, but I guess I'm not a good judge of things like that. Why, oh why did this post have to be #1000!? Actually, I hit this milestone sometime last year because in my move from Wordpress I lost hundreds of posts. Anyway, this is post #1014.

Woot, as it were.


  1. couldn't have been a better post. I knew what it was as soon as I moused over the link...the very famous "nuf said"

  2. Kudos!! That's a ton of posts. Congratulations!

    And by the way, I've TAGGED you! You are IT!! (but only if you would like to play) Come on over for the details. :D

  3. Go back and delete 14 posts from way back. Post that you think won't be missed.

    Bam! Now this could be your 1000th!


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