Haven't Seen This Guy in a While

Somewhere in the Lost Entries, there was my initial "WTF?" post. It was a good one, too. There's another, newer post, in which I explain who this little guy is, and why he's kind of a mascot on this blog...

Last night Nettl and I were talking about the 8-5 grind and how human beings weren't meant to live this way, although people have always followed the same basic routine since time began. That made me think about old Wugdump out by the fire, poking the embers with his stick while pondering the meaning of life. (To understand that, you'll really have read the post I linked above.)

Every day it's the same old routine: wake up at the buttcrack of dawn, visit the shrubbery, then see if there's anything from last night's meal of Sabertooth Tartar. The women drop the babies and kids with the grandmothers and head out (laughing at and griping about their men) to forage for nuts and berries and various tasty tubers while the men look for prey as they boast about their visit to the shrubbery and if they got lucky the night before. At high noon each group, the males and the females, take a break to eat and maybe catch a few z's in the shade. Afterward, more hunting and gathering and they all head back to the cave, where they get the kids from Granny Daycare, fix the evening meal and lovingly pick a few nits before retiring to their places to perhaps make a few more little people before going to sleep. And meanwhile, Wugdump, ever faithful at minding the fire, sighs to himself, looks up at the stars and thinks,


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