You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

Forget super powers, I just wanna dance!

I remember when a weekend was a complete waste if I didn't go out dancing at least once. I love to dance. And I'm not talking about 70s Disco, I'm talking about live bands in dance bars. Bands that played songs by everyone from the Stones to the Cars to Heart. Songs like Roxanne and Werewolves of London.

I only went to one disco in my life and it was awful. As a musician, I grew up with live bands. Dancing to records was crap, because I went out to listen to the bands as much as I did to dance. I loathed Disco.

I don't want to fly, nor do I want x-ray vision. I'd just like to be able to dance all night like I did when I was 25, just one more time. Well, I'd have to have something else to make it a gratifying experience rather than a totally embarrassing one... I'd have to look like I did when I was 25.