Holy Crapoly!

We just nearly got hit by a tornado! Well, one didn't touch down in Stillwater, but it was as close as we've come since we moved here in 2000. The funnel cloud was about 5 miles from where we live when the sirens came on. I packed up this laptop, my cell phone, all of the recharging paraphernalia, the camera, the Mozartiana, the cat (in her carrier), and a check for $100 that I haven't deposited yet, and headed for the back yard, where the storm cellar is...

As I stood there wondering if it was really necessary to go into that dark hole (which is probably full of creepy-crawlies), I saw two people trying to open our back gate to get to the cellar. Suddenly, I was in that Twilight Zone episode where the man has to decide if he has room for his neighbors in his bomb shelter. Our cellar would hold our family snuglywhat would I do if I really had to make that decision? Besides, they were from the landlord's office. Hey! We pay too much rent for too little service as it is, and the cellar is in OUR BACK YARD! Want to make a deal?

Once the hail came, it was massive (I took this picture from our front door). We never did go to the cellar, but I was ready. Poor Nettl, who was at work, had to hide out in the restroom with a co-worker until it passed. And bless her heart, when there was a lull between the storm cells, she went out and got me some much-needed wine.

There are a series of cells coming right at us and we're in a tornado watch until about 8:30. Edmond, outside of OK City, was hit by a tornado that destroyed several businesses.

I hate this crap! It's not bad enough that I live in the reddest of the red states, I also have to deal with this!