It's probably the number of hours I'm working, or it might be the off-and-on grayness of the weather. Or it might be that I seldom get to bed until right before sun-up. Perhaps it's that I haven't eaten and that all I had yesterday was an omelet and three cups of coffee. It's probably that I haven't had any of that today. I'm feeling very #E6D7A7 today. That's 230/215/167 in RGB-speak.

What I want is a big pot of homemade chicken soup, but there's no way to get to the store. Not that I'd go anyway. I haven't even managed to get my ass out of bed to go downstairs and make the coffee. Normally, I'd be feeling really guilty and would force myself to get up, but not today. I will get to work as soon as I post this, but it won't be another 13-hour day for me today.

Maybe I'll just make some Ramen. I like to doctor it up with Asian chili sauce and rice wine vinegar to make hot and sour soup. I also throw leftover things in it like broccoli, asparagus pieces, snow peas, whatever there is, as well as an unbroken egg and any leftover pieces of beef, pork, or chicken we might have. I don't think there's any of that down there, except the eggs.

The damned power jack on the back of my Dell is going out again. Remember last year when this happened and we had to put out a bunch of money getting the motherboard replaced? The geniuses at Dell... To keep connected to the AC plug, I have to jiggle and twist the chord this way and that, which usually results in my being forced to adopt weird sitting positions for hours on end. This only came up over the weekend, which means I'll get about another week out of this laptop. I've backed-up all of my files so at least I won't lose all of my business invoices, receipts, billable hours worksheets, etc.

Okay, enough of this. I have to get up now. I'm in the middle of a sneeze attack and there are no tissues nearby.