Tag Me

Since I changed over to Blogger, I've lost all of my Technorati Tags, which looks kind of sad in my Tags widget. Would you mind scrolling down to the "Feeds" area of my sidebar and tagging me?



  1. I would if I belonged to Technorati. I know of no one who ever came to a blog because of them but that could just be me.

    BTW - I improved the pictures and put a song in you might like in my last. Come back! Shane! Come back!

  2. I don't know what the hell Technorati tagging is, but I did want to stop by to wish you a happy belated 5th blogiversary. Keep on not sleeping!

  3. RW: Aw-right, l'il pardner...

    Joe: Thanks, man!

  4. I'll tag...The same thing happened to me when I switched to Wordpress. I also am having trouble with Blogexplosion. My blog has been waiting for 10 days for approval...Same blog...Different address.

  5. Tammmi: I'm having the same issue with BlogEx. I read in the forums that they have a 2-week backlog.

    Thanks for tagging. I'll return the compliment!


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