Lifestyles of the Not-So Rich & Famous

Not having the energy or desire to post anything of my own over the past two days, I've spent my time scouting out weblogs and sites that were untofore unknown to me. Mostly those about travel, vacationing and the expat lifestyle. I found some blogs kept by people who live lifestyles that I've never considered. Probably because I've never been able to afford them.

All this has made me come to believe that one of me just isn't enough, or that there aren't enough years to live out every dream I have. To do this, I either need to live to the age of about 300, or else I need to be exactly 10 people:

An apartment in Venice is very appealing,

as is wintering in Santorini.

Sometimes I dream of a castillo in Spain,

then I imagine something a little closer to home.

I've lived in London,

But never the Cotswolds.

A cozy cottage in Ireland might be a nice change,

and a Tuscan farmhouse isn't bad either.

A part of me will always desire the "American Dream",

But Vienna will always win out!

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  1. Our hearts have always belonged to each other and to Vienna.


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