How Does Weird Shit Happen?

This morning I was minding my own business, checking up on my favorite blogs. After reading that Byzantium's Shores just won a Best of Blog award from Buffalo Spree Magazine, I clicked back to my blog and received a username and password pop-up. WTF? I was just there clicking links on my blogroll. I did the usual cleaning out/restarting things and tried again and still got the pop-up. I went to my PowWeb Ops and lo-and-behold the password protection had mysteriously been enabled. How the hell does that shit happen? I haven't been in there for weeks. Oh well, I disabled it and now all is well again.

How can someone be exhausted from doing nothing? Nettl and I had a calm, quiet weekend, our most energetic activity being the decision to get dressed yesterday at noon and shlep our way to IHOP. All weekend I napped, I lounged, I ate, I worked the NewsPress crosswords. How can I be so tired today? Well, I was good for something. I did feed the fish.

For a long time the clock I keep in the windowsill above my desk has been running... not slow, but incorrectly. On Saturday I took the face off and saw that the second hand was bent and getting in the way of the minute hand. How the hell did that happen? I bent it back and now it's working fine.

Have any of you noticed that week after week after week certain stations play the same movies over and over? It seems the only movies that play are Braveheart, Office Space, and The Godfather, all movies that I USED to like. We did get a little break yesterday when TNT ran Titanic. Despite all of the "Jack!" "Rose!" "Jack!" "Rose!", I enjoyed it. Still, I wish AMC played the Marx Brothers, Danny Kaye, and Bogart like they used to.


  1. I love clocks that show the wrong time...the clock on my coffeepot currently reads 5:48pm, and the clock on my computer shows 4:11. I pretend that the kitchen and computer are in alternate realities. *teehee*


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