Fritz & Kaput... Verdammt!

It's not enough that the AC in my car is on the fritz, today the AC in the house went kaput. Of course, today would be the hottest and sunniest day we've had so far this summer. And it will get hotter. We always get into three digits. It's been stinking hot today, but it's starting to cool down now. At midnight, it's 80° and the humidity is at 87%. Looks like the property management company will be getting a call in the morning.

LATER: I made a midnight run to Hell*Mart and got some new filters and installed them, but the thing still isn't working right. I can't believe how spoiled I am. I lived 49 years without air-conditioning, now, seven years later, I'm miserable without it. That's one of the problems with Americans. We've all gotten too comfortable. Everyone thinks that happiness, comfort and ease are entitlements. But it's too hot to wax philosophical tonight.

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