Issues Resolved

Whether you noticed or not, this blog has a new home. Tired of the issues with feeds, comments, pings, etc., I just gave in and moved everything over to Blogger. What the hell. I have two others here, so now they're all on the same block, so to speak.

So I have a feed, as well as a new Technorati account. I'll be getting other things along the way. Right now, it just feels darned good to have all my ducks in a row.


  1. What does that mean anyway? Having all ones "ducks in a row"? Hmmm


  2. Primitive versions of modern bowling were known many centuries ago. Pins of varied sizes and shapes were employed. Eventually they were standardized at fifteen inches in both height and circumstances. Originally called ten-pins, the equipment used in Europe was employed in the earliest American bowling saloons. The game was modified by introduction of a short, slender pin that was compared with a duck and, by extension, called them duckpins. So many people reset so many pins in rows that one who completes a task is commended as having put his 'ducks in a row.'

    OK OK, so I had to know. Hehehe

  3. Thanks, Mr. Wizard!

    (I always wondered, too.)

  4. Looks great! Good to see you have things situated!

  5. Thanks. It's been kind of an ordeal the past couple of months. I'm now considering all this stuff a done deal!

  6. At least when something goes awry you don't have to wonder if it was something you did, which may be justification enough. (My site was broken last weekend, and part of the reason was a piece of code I'd done in 2002 and never updated.)

  7. I've become a great fan of writing code, so to go to Blogger has been kind of hard. But then, I've been learning a whole lot about the nuts and bolts of the xml that the new Blogger uses. On the daily level I have more time on my hands, but I don't trust it, so I'm going to be doing monthly backups.



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