Peep Show

As I predicted, it's time to open the sock drawer again. It got downright cold this morning before the sun came up. Even now, I'm a little chilly sitting here, socks and all. I put the heat on for the first time in this cottage, too. Only for about five minutes, but it counts. I find I'm actually looking forward to cooler temperatures though...

I've learned a secret about the huge bank of windows in the master bath. Up until now, it has been a little unnerving to leave the ugly forest green mini-blinds up, because there is a clear view of the neighbors' house. True, there's a bunch of trees and an entire fence of grape vines, but still. I've been in the back yard to check out the privacy factor but sitting there with the entire outside beside you can be, well, intimidating.

What I want to do is get some of that window film that looks like frosted glass, but I can't afford that right now. So far, we've been forced to keep the blinds down and closed, which is awful. Who decided to put a bank of windows in there in the first place? I mean, if you install a feature like that, don't you also build a privacy fence? And then who decided dark green mini-blinds would look good, considering they'd have to be closed all the time. UGH! And why put in the window in the first place, knowing you'll have to keep the blinds down all the time? They will come down and be stashed in the attic as soon as the window film is in. I want the frosted window look, with etchings around the corners that Nettl and I can make using stencils and exacto knives.

Yesterday I put up some white sheers, which look nice. Lace is what I really want though. Then, I went outside to find out if I could see in. Nope! No matter how hard I tried—unless I was right up to the window—there was nothing but absolute privacy. Last night though, when I turned on the vanity lights and went outside again, I saw a clear view of our bathroom. So the secret is this: If you can see out, no one can see in; if you can't see out, the neighbors may start charging for tickets. It's still a little weird being able to see out like that; it will take some getting used to. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish the room soon. In the meantime, the blinds will be let down at night. They're really not that noticeable then anyway.