Review: Ringo

Last night I finished reading the book about Ringo Starr. I hesitate to give the name of the author because last time I posted a not-so-favorable review I was attacked by the author who was so vitriolic and hysterical, I could only believe that she was unstable.

Anyway, the author of the book on Ringo has written many Rock 'n Roll biopics, which I'm sure are good—I just have a hard time reading run-on sentences that make up entire paragraphs (I'm not exaggerating). I also have a hard time with writers who use vocabulary in a pretentious manner. Still, I learned a few things and was able to set a dateline to things I already knew about Ringo and my generation of rockers.

I may read the book again one day and if I do, I'll add more to this review. But right now, it just doesn't seem worth the exertion.