And Then There Was...

One of the reasons I don't believe suicide is an answer to anything is because just when things seem their very darkest, another morning dawns and it all turns around. The worst day turns into the best day and I'm back singing, A Shine on Your Shoes again. Such was my last couple of days. From bleak and utter despair I was lifted out into the contentment that I've gotten used to since we moved into the cottage. I know that I shouldn't let things get me down, but hey, I'm a musician and a writer... I'm thenthative that way.

One of my clients, a professor in the music department at the university, called me around noon, asking if I could meet him in his office at 3:30. No problem. I spent about an hour and a half with him, discussing four web jobs while the chamber orchestra rehearsed next door. It was squeak-fart music, but it was live, and if felt good being back in music professor's dark, tweedy office. While he was on the phone, I sat, looking around me. Books, music scores, baton cases... it took me back to the years I spent with Frank. Not a bad little stroll down Memory Lane, and one that will pay!