All You Need is Love

Before I say anything, I need to preface this entry with the following statement:

I never, ever, fell out of love with Nettl, nor did my feelings for her ever diminish in the slightest degree. Health issues took control of my body and brain, but never my heart and mind.

There. Now I can go on...

Over the past couple of weeks I've fallen so completely head-over-heels again that it's like when we first met 10 years ago. All I can attribute this to is the new meds I'm on. I'm not saying that this reborn love is drug-induced, what I'm saying is that when your thyroid stops working and actually starts working against you (Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is an auto-immune disease) as mine did about six years ago, feelings, especially those triggered by hormones, fly away like ashes in the wind.

It has been hell for both of us.

Suddenly, I'm all gooshy inside again, whistling, sighing to "our songs", and thinking about her all the damned, fuckity-doo-dah day. I thought I was just old or something, that I'd had my turn, but now I'm old and sorry about that, codger. Like a miracle, I feel 26 again, I'm wildly in love and full of achy goodness. This woman quite literally saved my life. I truly cannot imagine who, where, or what I'd be if she hadn't pulled me out of the quicksand I was in. I owe her everything.

Hey, all you young people out there: don't ever believe that love and passion are only for the young. It's for all of us, and it only gets better! I've been where you are and, trust me, you ain't seen nothin' yet!