Patrick Mozart? Wolfgang Swayze?

Many years agowow, when? 1989?a friend gave me this revamped 1920s lamp that she thought looked like Mozart. People were always giving me things like that in those days. Back then, it had an ugly, white, modern shade on it and "Mozart" was painted in the original pastel blues and whites that had faded over time. It wasn't very pretty, but it meant the world to me.

Through the years it has been painted a number of ways, in bold jewel tones, in life-like colors, and then my ex (when we were still together) tried to bronze it, which made it look like a weird Remmington. More recently, say, in the early 2000s, Nettl and I decided to gild the little guy and thus he has remained...

It was at that time that she commented that from a certain angle, he looked like Patrick Swayze. Upon closer inspection I had to agree. Since then, he has been lovingly called our "Patrick Swayze lamp".

You will be missed, Patrick, but you will live on in our family. Many condolences and good thoughts are sent from us to your family and friends.