Oh, Behave!

Yesterday, I only got three BSoDs. But then, I wasn't on my laptop very much. Still, I learned long ago that computers have rhythms just like we do. Something will quit working, then it starts to feel guilty and goes back to running smoothly for a while. Next thing you know, it's down again. So it goes. Hopefully, the laptop will behave for a while now. I'm beginning to wonder if it has something to do with the power outlet. It's suddenly loose and wobbly. Well, as I wrote in an earlier comment, it's under warranty until February and the nearest repair place is only 233 miles away...

I spent most of Sunday reading, which felt pretty nice although the author really ticks me off with his love of long, comma-ridden sentences and his misused (and over used) em dashes. Not to mention his general lack of musical terms that's only spotlighted by his thinking he knows so damned much. All he had to do was keep a pocket music dictionary on his desk... He also plays with metaphor until it's irritating.

Micah rolled in sometime around sundown. It's good to have him home! Not only that, but he has brought us back into the 21st century by carting home a microwave. Every other house we've lived in had one built in and I'd forgotten what a pain it is to heat up leftovers on the stove. He also brought an electric can opener, a must now that we're becoming decrepit and our hands can't make the manual ones work. He's currently in the garage with his morning coffee and life is right again.

I dreamed it snowed last night and I was really happy. It's still too soon for that, but maybe it means that we'll get an early snow this year. But now I'm talking weather and I haven't even had enough coffee for that.

Smile! It's a new week!