Cramped Space

The only real issue that I have with this house is that our bedroom is too damned small. It's only about 10x10, and we have a queen-sized bed, two bed tables, a chest-of-drawers, and this postage stamp sized desk. The desk is crammed into a corner, where one's back is right up against the bed's footboard. This is especially hard to deal with because the desk chair is really uncomfortable when used for any real length of time. Our good chair wouldn't fit in the space, so we have to use a smaller, less ergonomic one. Plus, we gave Joel the nice desk and we had to use this little piece o' crap. It's claustrophobic to say the least. Especially when you consider that over the past five years we've gotten used to a bedroom that was larger than some apartment's I've had—a room with its own dedicated office area...

The real trouble is that, with my laptop, I've gotten used to sitting in my wing back, on the sofa, or on the bed, places that are more accommodating to my backside. Now that I have to use the desktop, I'm really experiencing the pain of "monkey butt". But I can't gripe because I can at least look forward to getting the laptop fixed. Poor Nettl has nothing to look forward to. I'm trying to think of how I could reposition this desk to make it feel less cramped, but I'm coming up with nothing.

This is the office area in our other bedroom:

This is our office area now:

Yeah, I know the chair is hideous, but it's the only one we have that will fit in that space and has at least a little padding. Meantime, I at least have enough work to keep me busy into October and my laptop will be going to the hospital this week. Thank the Force for warranties!

Have a great beginning of the week!