15 Things I'm Learning During Our Financial Crisis

1.   How to make 4 large ice tea bags stretch to make two gallons of iced tea.

2.  Vegetable oil works just as well as olive oil, and when the vegetable oil is gone, I can always use butter or margarine.

3.  How to cut meat into bite-sized pieces so that a stew/soup doesn't look so meager.

4.  Bread from the Wonder Bread day-old store is just as good as what is on the supermarket shelf. And it's half the price!...

5.  Soda isn't a necessity.

6.  Americans eat too damned much.

7.  Making a glass of iced tea, juice, or soda last an hour is better than gulping it down, only to pour another.

8.  A sliver of soap, a dab of toothpaste and a dollop of shampoo can go a long way.

9.  You don't need to fill up both dispensers in the dishwasher.

10. Less laundry detergent works better than the amount given on the box.

11. How to make a meal for four adults for less than $10.

12. My parents and grandparents knew a lot about making things stretch, due to surviving the Great Depression.

13. I admire them more now that we're going through it.

14. Friends need each other and that none of us is an island.

15. When we're back on our feet and out of this mess, I will be wiser, less wasteful, more grateful, and will help people in need whether they're friends, family, both, or neither.