C'est Fini!

I wish I had taken a picture of the garage right after we moved everything over from the other house five weeks ago. I'm not kidding, it was floor-to-ceiling boxes, furniture, and household crap. Thankfully, we have a huge garage.

Knowing it was going to take us a while to unpack everything, Micah made it easier for us to find stuff by forging a path that wended through everything, rather like those paths you see in scrapyards...

Joel and I have been working on it for a couple of weekends, and yesterday we finished the job. We are now officially moved in. Everything has found its place, both in the house and the garage. We're fortunate to have a huge garage attic with pull-down steps. Without that feature, we'd never be able to park in the garage. Now, both cars can fit.

After breaking down the boxes, we made a run to the recycling center, where we dumped them, as well as some plastic patio chairs that were old and unusable. Then we dropped a couple of things off at the Goodwill donation center. There's still a stack of things that didn't sell at last weekend's yard sale, but this week I'll be going through it to sort the Goodwill stuff from the stuff that will be donated to the Battered Women's center. A huge box of shoes went to a group that collects things for the homeless. It feels good to recycle things like this, instead of adding more crap to the landfill.

Micah comes home this afternoon. He has been sorely missed! It will be good to have him out in the garage at nights, working in his shop; I won't feel so alone here at night. I'll also be able to make full pots of coffee again, which taste better than half-pots. Of course, I know that's he's exhausted. He had to clean out his father's 10-room Victorian house, which he's selling so that he can move to England. Bless his heart, it had to have been very difficult, both physically and emotionally. Well, tomorrow evening I'm making him a traditional home-cooked dinner of chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, biscuits, gravy, and corn on the cob.

You will be happy to read that today I have no plans whatsoever. My mental To-Do list has been tossed out, every item marked out. And now to get busy doing more nothing... Have a great Sunday!