Slow Start

I'm just now starting to feel my day beginning, and here it is, 2:00. Sheesh. I haven't been sleeping lately. Well, I've been sleeping, but in fits and starts, and I can't get down into that good old REM stage...

This morning at a little after 9:00, I crawled back into bed and didn't wake up until nearly 1:00 while Nettl was home during her lunch hour. I don't know how you would feel, but I feel like the world's biggest lazy ass if I'm still in bed when she comes home. I go back into that mode my mother put on me about sleeping too much. Because she didn't need very much sleep, she assumed the rest of us didn't, either. And by much sleep, I mean anything over five hours. Of course, she was bi-polar, but she never took that into account.

So here I am just beginning my day. I'm waiting for a client to connect with me; every time we get each other on our cell phones, the call ends abruptly. Perhaps those solar flares know that I really don't want to talk with him today.