Ready for Halloween

I put one of those amber 'flame' bulbs
in the porch light, and we cut the pumpkin
from the bottom so that it could
sit in this prominent place.
The pumpkin is carved, the seeds are soaking in the kitchen, and I'm ready for whatever is going to happen between tonight and Saturday night. As you can see, we're not into all the decorations, probably because, raising five kids between us, we're pretty tired of the whole thing! Maybe next year we'll get some stuff. Click to enlargiate.

A little closer in. The porch looks so bare without all of the green plants!

Jack's close-up! We wanted a traditional, happy Jack-O-Lantern this year.
Pay no attention to the peeling paint; that's a job for next spring.

Jack's View.

A basket of acorns from our oak tree sits by the front door.

Winter is on its way!