Mish Mash of Pish Posh

I awoke this morning to a particularly boisterous thunder storm and an accompanying deluge. Sometimes the thunder sounds like it's going to crack the roof open! I love mornings like this. In fact, I love full days like this, and this year I've been favored by Thor and his friends. I hope this goes on all damned day. This is a picture I just took of a pickup driving past the cottage. Click to enlarge.

I'm sort of half-waiting for one of my clients to stop by with a disk of files I need for a site I'm working on. I say half-waiting because pinning him down to anything is slippery at best. On Sunday, he said that he would give it to Nettl at rehearsal on Monday night, but he forgot. Then he emailed to say that he would drop it off on Tuesday, or Wednesday, Thursday at the latest. That stuff irks me. I don't know why he didn't just zip up the files and email them to me in the first place.

I've become reclusive where older modes of communication are concerned. Our land phone is seldom on, for instance. Nettl and I have grown to regard the phone as intrusive and demanding, so we rely largely on our cell phones. That way, we have control over who can call us and who cannot. And if you can't reach me any other way, there's always email. I'm connected to my computer, to some degree or another, 24/7. People who don't like email? Sorry about your luck.

Micah leaves for England on Sunday; I'm driving him to the airport in OKC that morning. I hope he enjoys it as much as I did. He is in fact going to be around my old stomping grounds in Sussex, and it's beautiful this time of year. I'm so envious! But hey, I've been there three times; it's his turn now. Have a great time, Micah!

Today feels like a writing day, a day to drink lots of tea, and just write. I still haven't sent my laptop up to Kansas City, so I'm in the bedroom, at the desk. I've gotten really spoiled sitting in the living room in my wing chair. This desk just isn't very comfortable for leisurely writing, but at least I can stay home and write at all. I remember all too well my years, nay, decades, in the cubicle!

My use of the word "nay" in that last paragraph was entirely for comedic effect.