Just Stuff

It's been a while since I've experienced the kind of fatigue that I did yesterday. Since I got on the new meds last August, I've been feeling pretty much like myself again. I think Nettl and I pinpointed this episode to a bout of fibromyalgia that hit me over the weekend, but last night she massaged the little nodules right out of me and I felt instantly better.

Despite all efforts to avoid it, I've gotten addicted to Sudoku, I'm afraid. Numbers, you know. Numbers, order, problem solving... I admit it, I'm a geek. Since my laptop broke down (I'm expecting it to return home to me any day now), and we don't have cable, I have spent my evenings with crosswords and other word puzzles. In the book I got last weekend there was a page of Sudoku puzzles and I got hooked really fast. Now I want a book with nothing else in it. Hopeless, really.

Wow! It got up to 80° yesterday. It was nice having the windows open, although it was pretty windy. I hope today is nice, too. Speaking of today, I'm finally going to bed.