The Intergalactic World Wide Web Somethingorother

Well, now I know without a doubt that I'm experiencing blogger guilt for not posting as much as I'd like to. Last night, or this morning, I should say, I dreamed that Blogger sent out a message that if we didn't respond to a certain confirmation email within the hour, our blogs would get deleted. They were trying to get rid of all the dead blogs and marketing schlogs...

In the dream I woke up an hour too late and I saw my different blogs as file folder icons on my desktop, full of exploded files, which looked kind of like sawdust. I was irate. Incensed, as it were. I went online and started searching the situation and found that Blogger had merged with a worldwide cult called, The Intergalactic World Wide Web somethingorother and complete takeover was eminent. This must be symbolic of how unhappy I am about the merger between Blogger and Google, and how Firefox figures in there somehow.

That's what I get for working until 6 a.m. on Nettl's manuscript. We're tantalizingly close to a publishing date now and I want to make sure that every i is dotted and every comma is spliced. I'm a perfectionist that way. It's taking me from regular (and decent) blogging, but I'll be finished soon, I promise.

Now for another cup of coffee and back to work.