The Dreaded Weekend

Today begins Homecoming Weekend here in Animal Town Stillwater. Tonight, every soul in town will park their cars in every available space in every back alley and church parking lot to attend the Walk-Around on Fraternity/Sorority Row. The houses there will be lit up and the yards decorated with sets and scenarios, the likes of which I've never seen before. I think I'll pass this time. The street is usually crowded with high school kids on their cell phones and skateboards, and women in polyester pushing strollers while scarfing down street food while their husbands look bored as hell and wanting to get back home to the TV...

Tomorrow morning we will be wakened by the parade on Main Street a mere two blocks from here. Then, the game will take place and things will quiet down for a few hours. I'm going to use that opportunity to take my camera to the war zone that is Fraternity/Sorority Row the morning after the Walk-Around. There's one frat that always looks like the Delta House the next day.

I'm anticipating a noisy night in our neighborhood tonight, certain that most of the students will be partying until dawn. Sunday will be eerily quiet due to thousands of hangovers, but that's what makes this town kind of cool. College towns have a lot of young energy and it's only one weekend after all. Have fun kids, but play safely!