A Perfect Weekend

This weekend could not have been more perfect. Nettl and I did nothing but giggle and talk, and spend time together. She cross-stitched a Celtic knot and I read, and worked crosswords. On Saturday afternoon I laid out an English tea and that evening we had a "picnic without ants" by candlelight, listening to Mozart. On Sunday she grilled while I raked oak leaves and acorns off of the drive.

Two of our neighbors came over on Saturday, Matt (who is a professor in the theater department at the university) to introduce himself and give us a standing invitation to his front porch where he likes to drink wine, and Ray (who is a typical Okie type) to tell me that if I ever need to use any of his yard tools, just let him know. Nettl also talked to the girl across the street, Mayisha, who bought a bicycle from us last week. Good people. It's good to have neighbors who are friendly.

More weekends like this, please!