"Who Am I?" No. 1

"Today, I'm a well-known celebrity. Back in 1980, however, I became a U.S. Marine and served for six years. I previously attended a noted university, but was expelled twice. I've worked as a bank teller and a waiter at Denny's. Who am I?"
SPOILER ALERT: Make your guess before you open the comments. Ville got it right on the first try. Also, don't look at the Recent Comments feature in the sidebar.


  1. Oh man, you're good!

    Drew attended Kent State and was expelled twice for low academic performance.

    He's crying all the way to the bank.

  2. Hey, you didn't rot13.
    I thought it was Basel Griff

    word verifier: dihua!

    Dee-wha: What a Marine calls dinner. DIHUA!

  3. What are you all doing up so early?

  4. Ever since I got home from the hospital, it's been "early to bed and early to rise." Jim gets up early to go to work and I get up with him. I'm almost always up by 5am. Of course, I'm almost always dozing by 9pm.

  5. Dozing sounds good. It's a gray, lazy day and I have nothing to do here at work (oops... don't tell).

  6. That is Drew Carey - pre-glasses.

  7. Yes, Drew Carey, without the glasses I almost didn't recognize him.

  8. Funny how he got all goofy looking in the past 20 years...

  9. It did take me a couple of minutes, but really if you look closely, he really hasn't changed much. He was just as geeky, but as he gained weight and got older, he lost his hair and his eyes got squintier. Also, I think we are all so used to seeing him all smiley and goofy, it is hard to see through the dead pan look on his face.


    Klingon for chickpeas.

  10. LOL! Be sure to bring that humor with you to Monty's radio show tonight!


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