Egads but I'm busy this weekend. Besides trying to get used to working a 40-hour week again, I have a new client who wants not one, but two new websites pronto. Today, we have to go down to the city to get Nettl's car (that's an hour-long drive one way), then come back and buy food for our party tonight. Which also means that we have to carve out some time to clean the house. Not that it's a mess, we don't live that way. The house is clean, but there's dusting and vacuuming to do, the powder room to clean and then food to prepare. I'll have to dedicate all day tomorrow to my client; I've promised to build some color schemes for him to look at.

I want to know something. Why is it okay for a co-host on Food Network to call a slab of BBQ ribs "Gang bangin' good?" Last I heard, a gang bang was a group rape. As Nettl said, some terms just cannot be rescued.