About Last Night

Sometimes things just click. The right friends, the right evening, the right moods. They all combine to make for a really fun party. So it was at the Waller/Erwin house last night. We didn't invite a huge group, just eight of our weirdest and most eccentric friends (one didn't show up) and family members, who have no trouble cutting loose and just having a relaxing, good time...

The Lamp Shade Award has to go to Ville, who showed us how to wash artificial vegetables. We got it on tape and I hope to share it with you via YouTube soon. She was in full-tilt last night.

Someone made the toilet overflow, but our three Water signs, Nettl, Micah and Dr. Kielbasa, got that cleaned up while we Air and Fire signs kept our butts firmly glued to our bar stools. After the exertions of Friday and Saturday I wasn't about to do anything else. Sheesh, I was so exhausted getting ready for the party earlier that I actually sat down on the bathroom floor to blow dry my hair. Today, I'm worth even less and I have no plans for anything but eating, guzzling water, blogging and watching telly.

Thanks to all for making it a truly memorable night.