I Wonder If I'd Feel More Like Writing

I wonder if I'd feel more like writing if I got myself a vintage typewriter.

Actually, I have been writing, it's just blogging that I haven't been into lately. The final rewrite is taking all the steam from my bellows where blogging and journaling are concerned, and rightly so...

Still, I think it would be a kick to write an entire novel on a vintage typewriter. The first draft, anyway. Screw all that Wite-Out/carbon paper crap. Plus, no memory—I'd be lost without CTRL+S. But I miss the feel of keys beneath my fingers and that click-clack sound late at night; it would be fun to use a typewriter for ideas before the real writing started happening.

Yeah, I need a vintage typewriter, but not before I can somehow get myself a 12-string guitar; I miss that so much more.