Grinning the Grin of an Idiot Road to Nowhere

Man, I gotta tell you, this holiday season was hairy! You've heard enough from me on that already, though.

For New Year's Eve we're not doing what we usually do. We're famous in our circle of friends as the New Year's Eve party hosts; every year we hold a schnozzwangler that somehow tops the year before it. There's always a theme, too: The Rat Pack, Tiki-Bar, Las Vegas, Hollywood... something. But this year we're just having a casual open house. If people want to pop by on their way to or from a party, or if they want to come hang out with us, it's cool. We'll be here with the usual food and drink, music and laughs. If no one comes by, that's okay too. Whatever...

It's not that the season was all bad, there was a lot of great stuff. It was more the up and down of it that got me reeling.

When I was a kid in California, my dad would take us for Sunday drives out into the desert around Pearblossom and Palmdale. This was back before the interstates and major highways, and when the original roads were laid out, they didn't bother to level the ground. This created a roller coaster kind of drive and dad would go into the swells and hills with his foot on the gas, only to coast us over the top, creating a mild anti-gravity effect and flipping our stomachs. Yeah. That's what this holiday season was like. Fun when I was seven. At 59, not so much.

Whatever you do on December 31st, have a great time! I have a feeling that 2011 is going to be a much better year for a lot of people.

The title of this post comes from this song, Old Mojave Highway, by Kenny Rogers & the First Edition: