Hooray For...

I have a huge confession to make. It's something that I've tried to hide, but I can no longer keep silent. I'm sure that when you read it you'll all leave me en masse and never come back here again. I will have crossed that line with you at last.

Here goes.

I love Bollywood.

I remember when this unnatural love began. It was back in the 90s. I watched a film called Fire, and I was immediately hooked. I saw a couple more after that, but the final nail wasn't hammered in until our friends George and Noelle (collectively known as Norge) brought over Monsoon Wedding one evening, a truly good movie. I was a goner.

I've watched many Bollywood and Indian films since then, including the epic Jodhaa Akbar, a sumptuous three and-a-half reading workout (all subtitles) and test of your ability to get over your western rush-to-the-bedroom-scene sensibilities. Hell, I've watched Johdaa Akbar twice in the past two weeks. That's seven hours of Hindi and Arabic. Why did I do it?

Indian films are interesting to me because they have a different timing, a different focus, a different humor. Most are pretty light fare, but there are those really good ones (like the above mentioned Fire and Monsoon Wedding) that let us in on a culture that most of us have never encountered, and that's fun for me. I love the clothing, the beautiful women and princely men...and the music! The song and dance numbers are lavish, very much in the style of the golden years of the Hollywood musicals, only, well, Indian. Exotic. Too, there's something sweetly old-fashioned and naive about Bollywood films, even when they try to be hip and equal to our films.

Personally, I hope they never get there.


  1. Oh No!!! LOL I like Bollywood films too. Mostly for the musical numbers. They always look like they are just having a great time!

  2. Earl and I had a little fling with Bollywood for a bit.

    i got over it, honestly. :)

  3. The women are so frickin' beautiful.

  4. We once spent a day 24 hours in Fiji waiting for a flight. We watched an enormous number of Bollywood movies. They all looked the same. They are making a Bollywood version of Reservoir Dogs - with songs - can't wait.

  5. btw, if you liked Fire, you might also like Water. Very beautiful and sad film. Also made by Deepa Mehta.

    Another Bollywood movie that is one of my absolute favourites is Being Cyrus. I just love the whole style of it; especially since it's centered around a Parsi family (I find Parsi culture fascinating).

    Then there is Parzania as well, the subject of which is something very close to my heart. Also a very nice film.

    On the lighter side of things, anything by Sanjay Leela Bhansali is a nice feast for the eyes. I'm not sure if you have watched any of his films before, but they are all very elaborately executed and the sets are wonderful. I think you will like his style. Albeit, there is a bit too much of melodrama and some of his recent films are lacking in substance, but they are still a feast for the eyes.

    Oh, oh..last one... Parineeta is gorgeous too.

  6. Thanks for the titles. I'll check them out!


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