2010's Personal Best & Worst

Best Party: Without a doubt, this was my Sixties Theme birthday party last September.
Worst Party: Probably tonight's. We'll see.

Best Casual Get-Together: Lauren and Dr. Kielbasa's going away party. He went to live in Poland for a year and she went to Bordeaux, France for a year. We had a Mexican potluck buffet and it was awesome.
Worst Casual Get-Together: No get-together is bad!...

Best Dinner: My vote goes to Thanksgiving. Nettl makes a wicked turkey.
Worst Dinner: I had Campbell's vegetable soup one night. Yuck.

Best News: I don't think there was any good news this year. Seriously.
Worst News: See last night's entry.

Best Reaction: My son Joel "cat smacked me" when I took on too much guilt over Christmas.
Worst Reaction: I didn't react very well to our recent plumbing issues.

Best Creative Endeavor: Writing the first book of my trilogy.
Worst Creative Endeavor: I didn't do so well with the homemade dinner rolls at Thanksgiving. I finally had to cry uncle and go buy some.

Best Physical Feat: Planting and maintaining the morning glories around the front porch.
Worst Physical Feat: Doing too much with the other front flower bed and being down in the back for nearly a week without painkillers.

Best Laugh: My kids on the night we decorated the Christmas tree.
Worst Cry: Last night.

Best Blog Entry: RW issued a writing challenge that I really enjoyed. I think I rose to the occasion quite well.
Worst Blog Entry: There's nothing worse in the world of blogging than people who post an entry to say they have nothing to post. It's even worse when they try to be clever about it.

Best Picture:
Ville at hospital on her birthday.

Worst Picture:
Labor Day BBQ.