End of a Nightmare

I haven't wanted to say anything because I was afraid it was a fluke, or that I might jinx myself, but it's been two full weeks and I think it's safe.

I've been going to bed at what is a reasonable hour (for me). It isn't taking me an hour to fall asleep and once I'm out, I don't wake up fifteen minutes later and have to wait another hour before falling asleep again. I sleep through the night, I hear nothing, and I stay asleep. And when I wake up, I'm refreshed and rested, and I have a full day ahead of me instead of waking up at noon, fatigued and listless, with just a few hours before Lynette comes home from work. It's been two weeks.

What do I attribute this to? Well, instead of drinking two or three glasses of wine a night, I drink one or two glasses a week, but that's only if I feel justified in buying it at all. With finances so tight I just can't do that, so sometimes I go weeks without a glass. That's a big one. The other thing is my daily meditation. Hey, that fifteen minutes a day is really working, and not just where sleep is concerned. I find I'm more at peace, patient, compassionate, positive, blah-blah...

So, now, the title of this blog has become a minor problem for me. I don't think I'll change itnot after eight and a half yearsbut I confess that I have been playing with other ideas for its name. What do you think?