Because today is Nettl's birthday I want to post an updated version of something I posted a few years ago, but that I know my newer readers didn't see. I cannot imagine who I'd be, where I'd be, or what the hell I'd be doing if she hadn't found me...

is extremely talented.
has class, style and elegance. Rare qualities these days.
has a musical laugh.
is compassionate.
always sides with the underdog.
has a sexy mouth.
can be blunt.
is very intelligent.
has great tenacity.
makes me laugh.
understands me, and that’s not always easy.
loves me anyway.
has a singing voice like chocolate velvet.
claps her hands when she laughs.
gets more beautiful with age.
is a natural blond.
is strong.
is vulnerable and can be naïve.
looks like a child when she sleeps.
is a hard worker.
detests any kind of bigotry.
is pure sunshine when she’s happy.
is a deep, dark river when she’s not.
is a fabulous actor.
is an amazing opera singer.
is a ham.
is shy.
is a pirate.
is determined.
makes me a better person.
saved me from certain madness.
is nurturing.
is generous.
looks striking in black.
is sexy.
looks like Marilyn Monroe at certain angles.
is kind to me.
is deeply spiritual.
is an avid historian.
always wanted to be a blues mama.
doesn’t have the hard edge that takes.
is a wonderful mother.
is a terrific friend.
likes to talk about herself.
likes to listen to others talk about themselves.
is the walking embodiment of my perfect mate.
believes we have spent many lives together.
wants to spend all the rest with me as well.
She will.

Happy Birthday, my Love!