This One's Fun

I just found this meme at Mary's Meme Blog. Pick up on it if you feel so inclined.

~ My uncle once: told me that he'd met my aunt at the circus. He said he was the Indian Rubber Man and she was the Fat Lady (in truth, they were both reed thin). Because I was only 3 or 4, I believed him.
~ Never in my life: have I set out to hurt someone, including someone who's hurt me.
~ When I was five: I wanted to be Peter Pan.
~ High school was: better than I thought it was at the time.
~ I will never forget: that day in the late 70s when I was mistaken for Laraine Newman and was given the bridal dressing room at J. Magnin. No matter how much I insisted I wasn't her, the salesgirl wouldn't believe me.
~ Once I met: Paul McCartney. Twice, actually.
~ There’s this girl I know: who has convinced me that fans can be very dangerous.
~ Once at a bar: I found a $20 bill on the floor under my table. I kept it, of course. Whoever had dropped it was long gone.
~ By noon, I’m usually: writing, or working for a client.
~ Last night: I couldn't go to sleep because that stupid "Irish Drinking Songs" theme from Who's Line Is It Anyway? was stuck in my head. ("Dy-di dy-di dy-di dy-di, Dy-di dy-di dy!")
~ If I only had: the energy I had 20 years ago, there'd be no stopping me.
~ Next time I go to church: it'll probably be to hear the Stillwater Chamber Singers' Christmas concert.
~ What worries me most: is what will happen to my kids when I'm gone.
~ What I miss most about the 1980s is: nearly every facet of my life then.
~ If I were a character in Shakespeare, I’d be: Puck, from A Midsummer Night's Dream.
~ A better name for me would be: Nettl's nickname for me, "Goof".
~ I have a hard time understanding: String Theory, for one.
~ If I ever go back to school: it won't be for grades, but simply to learn things like architecture, philosophy and astronomy.
~ You know I like you if: I hug first.
~ Take my advice, never: eat Flaming Hot Cheetos while drinking box wine.
~ My ideal breakfast is: coffee, kitchen sink eggs and lots of bacon.
~ If you visit my hometown, I suggest you: visit the wineries.
~ Why won’t people: just pipe down, have a beer, and relax?
~ The world could do without: isms.
~ My favorite blonds are: Nettl, Marilyn Monroe and Barbara Eden.
~ If I do anything well, it’s: letting people be who they are.
~ And by the way: I like memes like this one.


    1. This was fun!! I laughed out loud! Twice. Gotta check out Mary's place...

    2. Fun one! I agree about high school. We all thought we were so miserable. Actually, I agree on a lot of things here. The McCartney line made me smile. :-)

    3. "Goof" isn't my ONLY nickname for you...


    4. I like this and I might just try it! I am like sooooo tired of politics.

    5. I liked this too and I might try it. But what are kichen sink eggs?

    6. That's when you put "everything but the kitchen sink" in a big skillet of scrambled eggs; mostly leftover vegetables and steak.

    7. My favorites being asparagus, steak, mushrooms and Swiss cheese.

    8. "Kitchen Sink Eggs" is a term that I coined to describe a lazy person's omelet. They're just scrambled eggs with anything that sounds good and/or that you have on hand thrown into them. Therefore the idea that you put in everything but the kitchen sink! :)

    9. i used to have a little crush on larraine newman back in the day...

    10. i wanted to be peter pan when i was younger too :)


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